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Book Your Inspo #1

8 March 2022
We are at the first stop of our series. Which we have prepared especially for those who are looking for a positive start with the excitement of 2022. Those who want to expand their library and those who promise to produce more books this year. With Book Your Inspo, sometimes we will dive into the world of fiction, and sometimes learn effective ways to improve ourselves. At the first stop of our special selections, we prepare for creatives. We produce a map of effective work and productivity and new ideas that are told with enthusiasm. Here are four suggestions that will inspire you…
1. Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World by Cal Newport 

One of the biggest disadvantages of the pandemic was that it affected our consumption habits. The overflow of video interactions, fast-paced summaries, and superficial content has distracted many of us. This brought with it concentration and productivity problems. Here’s Deep Work, a book to answer that.

Cal Newport divides work into shallow and deep. We see things such as e-mail and interviews that we can do quickly, as shallow work. Engaging ourselves with these makes us feel productive. But that is not the case, because we cannot create value. Deep work, on the other hand, means the opposite. It shows us that if we reduce distraction and increase focus, we do things that create value and lead us to results in much less time. So how can we achieve extraordinary things and generate great ideas in less time? Here is the answer to this book that is waiting for you.



2. Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action by Simon Sinek

There are moments when everyone loses their faith. We didn’t want to do anything that day, when we weren’t inspired, didn’t enjoy… That’s when we need to believe again. We would like to meet someone who has faced these difficulties before, achieved success, and inspired people.

We watch Steve Jobs’ speeches and get motivated. We get caught up in Bill Gates’ extraordinary ideas. We listen to Paula Scher’s inspiring words. “Start with why” wants to give us that too. While thinking about what we want, what we will do, how it will happen, and where we want to reach, Simon Sinek offers another solution instead of getting nervous. Why is that? All of the leaders we mentioned first started with this question. Why do you want this? If you understand together what you will do for yourself, for the world and why, then you will have a wonderful opportunity to step up, create new worlds, and unleash the potential in you. Because why not?


3.Where Good Ideas Come From: The Natural History of Innovation by Steven Johnson

There have always been times that you envied while reading, were impressed while watching, were immersed in a painting, or admired while looking at a technology product. “How did you come up with these good ideas?” there is no one to say. Everyone wants to be more creative, striking, and impressive. So how did the predecessors of the field do this?

Steven Johnson tells us in plain language, by showing history as a witness. How these brilliant ideas were born and developed, and what prevented them. We, too, can better witness the obstacles and resources ahead. With these compiled findings, we gain a new perspective.


4.The 4-Hour Work Week: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich by Timothy Ferriss


Let’s get to that life that everyone dreams of. Stabilization is one of the things that creatives have a hard time with. No one can revise regularly, and can’t find good ideas all the time. He does not like working in the same environment in the same way and long working hours. This old concept of working order has become a challenge for all of us. Even though we took a breather with the digital nomad, freelance culture, we had to work harder to create the working conditions we wanted. Can we make a life plan and work for a good and happy life without succumbing to obligations? Timothy Ferriss said “Yes.” and took us on an exciting journey.

The 4-Hour Work Week explains how we can overcome our fears and helps us create a strategy. Who wouldn’t be tempted to have a wonderful life where we can live like a vacation and spare time for ourselves by doing the work we love efficiently and effectively? We know the answer to this question and we invite you to read this interesting and inspiring book.


You can also send us your suggestions and be a guest in our next inspiration corner.