Creative Copywriting Kori Whitby
Creative Copywriting w/ Kori Whitby

21 June / 19:00

£120 (Early Bird)

Online Event

Super creative conversion copywriter Kori Whitby, will deliver the workshop on Creative Copywriting, which will take place online via Zoom, on Tuesday, June 21, between 19.00-20.30 UTC+1.
Learn how to increase brand awareness with creative copywriting.

What You Will Learn?

Fundamentals of copywriting,

Uncovering your brand’s unique value,

How to develop a consistent brand voice & messaging strategy,

The basics of writing website copy that honors your brand values,

Live copy audits on student’s current website copy (students will need to provide the link to their current website in application most likely, or volunteer to participate in this portion).


At the end of this workshop you’ll improve your current and upcoming copies and understand the elements of copywriting. Also you will have the knowledge for brand voice, brand message & approaches for copywriting.

Feedback and discussion on works done by participants,

Related questions and answers.

Kori Whitby

Kori Whitby is a conversion copywriter for creative business owners. A fun fact about her is that she’s a mind reader. She knows that you’re an entrepreneur who is either a) sick of fielding inquiries from clients that aren’t the right fit, b) ready to stop working so damn hard just to make a single sale, c) desperate to show up as an authority in your field, or d) all of the above. That’s where she comes in. Kori provides her clients with website, launch, and sales copy that helps them cut through the noise and connect deeply with their dream audience.

Who can join?

  • This workshop is perfect for creatives and entrepreneurs who are ready to build the foundations of a brand that serves them for life. 
  • Anyone who wants to improve their copywriting skills and be a better DIY copywriter for their business is welcome.
  • If you want to improve your web copy, create a brand voice and improve your brand; this workshop is for you.
  • Quota is 15 people.

It will be on zoom, SCA London will be the host.

Zoom recording is taken in the training and sent to the participants after the class day, where they can watch for 30 days. In addition, the presentation used during the training is shared with the participants. Thus, it is possible to repeat the learned subjects and follow the missed lessons.

Everyone participating in the workshop will be given a LinkedIn compatible smart certificate that can be viewed and shared digitally.

Frequently Asked Questions

The events will take place online and live via Zoom. You can easily join from your tablet, phone, or computer. However, we recommend that you attend the workshops with your computer, it will be easier for you. Simpletalks is completely free, you can join at the event time with the link we will send you after you register. For workshops, we will send you a link after you make your payment. You will participate in the same way.

You can reach us for support here. We will assist you.

Yes. After the workshops, we send you your smart, shareable and LinkedIn compatible certificate. This certificate contains the information about the workshop and the content that you are a participant.

You may cancel your purchase of the course within the period of 14 calendar days from the date on which the contract of purchase is concluded.

Yes. We will send you the recording of the event. You can have this content for 30 days. So you can repeat the training and catch the places you missed. In addition, if there are materials and notes that our instructor shared with us, we will forward them to you.