Emily Santos
How To Turn Your Audience Into Advocates Of Your Brand w/Emily Santos

24 May / 19:00


Online Event

We will be together on Simpletalks with creative director, strategist & designer Emily Santos. We will talk about brand advocacy and the audience which will take place online via Zoom, on Tuesday, May 24, between 19.00-20.00 UTC+1.
Learn how to turn clients into advocates for you brand.

Emily Santos

Emily Santos, Strategist, Designer and Wear-er of all hats at Santos & Co Designs. She is Dominican, non-binary, and queer. Since the start, her business has been a form of rebellion against anyone who has ever tried to put her in a box. Santos & Co exists to help others who have been historically ignored for being “too taboo”, “too bold” or “too different” build businesses and brands that represent them.
Emily Santos

What We Will Talk About?

Brand advocacy is a very important term for everyone. Especially managers, entrepreneurs and leaders. You should create solutions and ideas for turning your clients into advocates of your brand. So we will talk about these topics on our very special Simpletalks session with the amazing Emily Santos.

We will answer these questions by following topics such as brand, audience position, action items for you to implement right away, etc. You need to be a participant for this amazing opportunity, because it will give you more opportunities for the future. We are totally open to your questions and excited to be together with you!