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Cannes Film Festival & Design

30 May 2022
The golden breeze of all cinema lovers, red carpet followers, and the art world, Cannes Film Festival dazzled once again. Impressive productions from all over the world competed at the 75th Cannes Film Festival this year. But this time we will talk about the designs of Cannes, not the cinema.

Cannes Film Festival, which brings together the shining stars of the cinema community and their striking works. Awards were distributed at the festival, which also featured successful productions this year. While the golden palm trees were distributed, we wanted to consider this festival, which we love very much, in terms of design. Cannes publishes conceptual poster designs for the festival every year. This is one of the things that excites us as much as the nominated films. Because Cannes transforms the design language into visual magic, just like cinema, in these carefully prepared works.

Every year, Cannes announces its own retro perspective by referring to films, directors, or artists on a chosen theme. Many artists have been commemorated so far, from Agnes Varda to Spike Lee, from Jean Luc Godard to Alain Delon. Here are a few examples of the harmony of color, balance, and typography.