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Career Goals in 2022

12 February 2022

Believe in the result, but stay in the moment.
And be persistent.

When we say pandemic, distance education, working from home, hybrid working, there are very intense and complicated processes for all of us. Sometimes we have a hard time adapting to them. So what steps can be taken for a career while the world is changing so fast? We’ve created a resource for you.

1. Mental Health   

The most important thing in a period of such uncertain and unusual developments is to protect mental health. The pandemic is not over yet. We have all been trying to take precautions and continue our normal lives for a very long time. First of all, we have to accept these changes and take care of ourselves. We need to establish a positive mindset and give ourselves time. If mental health is not in place, it will be difficult to focus, achieve and even spend time with yourself. That’s why be kind to yourself. From time to time, you will not want to work or you will think that you cannot reach your target. Sometimes you will experience creative blocks, you will overwhelm. These are all very normal. As we need to eat for energy, we need to feed our souls to do these things. take a walk, see your friends. Take care of plants. Do sport. Take care of your hobbies. Do things you haven’t tried before. Sleep well. Get therapy. And try! You can change everything.

2. Be Clear About Your Goals, Put Some Specifics   

It is useful to be realistic. Good things take time. But it is in our hands to plan and organize this time. Thus, it is useful to make clear and specific decisions. What do you need to do to reach your target point? Create a list. Consider when you can achieve your goals according to your workload. Do not rush, confident and determined steps will help you reach healthier. Put the list you have prepared to achieve this goals on a calendar. It all depends on the working style. Don’t force yourself to set rules. Build your system. Because rules are broken, lost. Yet, the system is sustainable. So, work according to the deadline or according to a detailed plan. All it takes is one step each day towards your desired goals.


3. Sustainability

Here’s the magic step. The more sustainable you are, the more results you will achieve. Yes, you have a goals and it will take some time. Something may go wrong now. This is normal, the important thing is the continuity of your steps. Sometimes you can take big steps, sometimes you can take small steps. But you still get close to the goals. Don’t just focus on the big picture. If you can’t focus on it all the time. And if you can’t manage your stress, you’ll miss out on what you’re going through and what you need to do at the moment. If this continues like this, a bad ending will be inevitable. So believe in the result, but stay in the moment. And be persistent.

4. Be More Productive & Manage Your Stress

Get used to the hybrid working model. Have a working environment that will affect your productivity both at home and at work. The new order of the world is moving towards this working model. Notifications, emails, messy desk… You need to discover how it works most effectively. You can get tools to increase your focus and try different techniques. Like Pomodoro. There are so many resources floating around the internet. But remember, everyone is unique and they may not fit your work style. Such is creativity. Create an efficient style for yourself without a mold. Whenever you think you’ve lost it, remember the first item. Stress shouldn’t get you down. Have fun and live life the way you want.


5. Keep Going

Yes, you are very close to the target. Don’t forget to celebrate it. Give yourself credit for both your failures and your successes. Expand your network. Meet creatives and non-creatives. Join the communities. Nourish yourself both for social and business. This will open new doors for you. You can come to a much better place than your goals. So be open to opportunities and move on.